Moving on and growing up: the night life

Recently I have been comaparing my student experiences in Southampton and London. I wanted to come to London to study my masters becasue I believed that it would allow me to make more connections, and learn how to get by in a large city on my own. 

So far it has been good. Despite feeling like a 12 year old on the busy tube where business men seem to look down on me becasue they can over hear my music or when I walk through Waterloo station in the opposite direction to everyone else (Seriously, how does that actually happen?! I mean how is it possible that absolutely everyone in the station is going the other way. Seriously intimidating!) 

But apart from the crowds its not bad. Its quite nice to be in a more mature city, as opposed to Southampton which was densely populated with students. 

Living near London, and having worked there for a few summers Im fairly used to life there so I wasnt that suprised that I wasn’t to daunted by the commute I had to make each morning, the early wake ups and the busy crowds of business people in a rush to get by. 

But being a student I am still wanting to go out and experience the night life in London. However, I can safely say, for a student with little knowledge about the area, it’s not that great. 

We went out the other night, cutting a long story chort we ended up splitting up into two groups but becasue of miscommunications and other circumstances we never seemed to meet back up.

It struck me as extremely frustrating that none of us really had much knowledge of where to go in London. We had wanted to go to a student night at Roxy club and planned to get there early to avoid the que but even getting there at 10pm the que was still almost one in one out. 

And to go anywhere else was a bit of a daunting idea. I mean wher do you start?! We found a pretty classy bar down the road from Roxy where the cocktails were gorgeous. 

But we wanted to find a club so headed to picadilly circus. But yet again there were just so many places to chose from we had no idea where to go. 

A friend was in On Anon for his freshers event with his uni but it was rammed and there were no tickets left on the door. In the mean time we were being inundated by people trying to get us into their clubs. They told us about Metra, and Oxygen bar in Leicester Square. 

I had been there before myself and wanted to try somewhere new really. Also I wasn’t that impressed with the clubs the other times I had been there which was another reason why I thought finding somewhere new would be a good idea.

But as time went on it got to 1am and some clubs were shutting. We got slightly desperate and ended up in a place called Bar Rumba. On first impressions it was a bit of a hole to be honest. But looking back on it it was a pretty funny experience.

We ran into a group of boys who were trying to convince us they were from Argentina on a rugby tour. They certainly did not remind me of the rugby boys I was used to, if anything Lucy was correct in saying they looked like over grown toddlers. Etremely tall with the most ridiculous floppy hair and a baby face. But they were from Argentina so they must have been telling the truth somewhere along the line.

But the whole evening made me consider student night life.

I visited Southampton last weekend and had been feeling a little down since I came back. Just missing the whole southmapton uni life to be honest. Living with friends, being able to walk down Portswood High Street with confidence that I’d bump into someone I knew (as soon as we got there we ran into a friend in Waitrose, granted we got a little too excited when we saw him and he admited to almost having a heart attack when we jmped on him but still it showed how much of a small place it is). Not to mention knowing the places to go, mainly because there isn;t much choice, but also because we were quite content with living in Jesters. 

But London is completely different. Wednessday night proved that to me. 

Everthing is just so far. You have to get a bus or tube everywhere. And you need to have definite plans or all go out together or a night to be a proper success. 

Not that Wednessday wasn’t interesting but I was starting to miss the ease of Jesters and Sobar, (well Jesters mainly but I feel obliged to mention other places in Portswood!) And I was missing first AU night back in Southampton, they usually turned out to be pretty eventful with one hell of a lot of gossip!

And when we were deciding where to go I realised why I wasnt content with the places we were being told about. I wanted to see other places. There is just too much choice but I didnt want to end up in a complete hole. 

Somtimes there are just too many places to see and experience. I want to be able to see them all but I dont want to be dissapointed at the same time. 

But it could be argued thats all the fun of living in London. And maybe in time I’ll learn where the good places or areas even are good to go to. And cheap as well becasue lets face it we all know London is going to be an expensive one!

But give me Southampton for the student life any time. Everyone lived in about 10 minutes from anyone else. It was easy to walk home and everyone knew where to go. And it was cheap. 

Nevertheless, I feel like I should grow up at some point. I know that soon I’m sure I’ll learn the nightlife of London. I will gauge where the best places to go are for students or I’ll just stick to nice bars and leave the clubbing scene….maybe…probably not…

I just think that London is different. I mean take our classes for example. I feel like I’m back at school but I’m learning practical things, not history or theory of something. Im effectively in training for my career. So I guess my life around classes should be the same as that. Slightly more grown up. A little more sophisticated. 

But for those who are screaming at me for implying I am over Southampton, don’t worry, nothing will be better than a messy night in J’s.

About Daisy Bambridge

I am a student at Wesminster University studying a Masters in Broadcast Journalism. I recently graduated from Southampton University after studying Politics and International Relations. I have a strong interest in social issues such as crime,drugs, alcohol, eating disorders. I am also deeply fascinated by terrorism, after the disasters of 9/11, as can be seen in my unergraduate dissertation on anti-terror legislation and human rights.
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