Snow, snow go away

Is it me or whenever there’s an extremity in the weather, is our entire nation flung into utter chaos?

In rain, traffic ques build up for miles on end and floods permeate the riverside towns, and when it’s hot, there’s always a sudden rush to report doctors medical advice as local residents turn pink with sunburn because, for some reason, it’s a common belief that English sun isn’t as strong as that in the Mediterranean or in more exotic locations-wearing sun screen is a thought to be unecessary when we bask in the hot summer sun.

But when there’s snow, predicting a stand still doesn’t even cut it. 

Us southerners have only had the snow this winter for a day or so now but already there have been additional school closures, drama on the train lines and chaos on the roads.

Earlier this month, the government was happy to comment that we are fully prepared for the snow that was predicted because they said they had enough grit to keep people safe, but as my train chugged slowly through the surrey countryside, closing in on my home town of Guildford where I was able to watch the tiny cars below build up in laborious looking traffic jams and the driver announced we would be arriving late due to “adverse weather conditions” I couldn’t help but dispair with the country.

Yes, the snow looks pretty and, yes, we were all eager to see what this years winter weather would bring but let’s face it, the harsh reality is it’s not as magical as it seems.

I chuckled to myself as for the last few days I’ve watched my Facebook news feed fill up with people determined to see that first fall of snow, those statuses which have now been replaced with utter dispair over disrupted days, delays and cancellations that have affected the simplest of everyday tasks.

Snow cynic

Personally, I’m a little cynical when it comes to snow. I still shudder when I think back to that first heavy snow a few years ago when I was at Southampton and had to walk up one of the steepest hills just to get to uni. Needless to say I was one of those embarrassing people who was laughed at because I just couldn’t hack walking in the freezing conditions.

And I’m not ashamed to say I slipped and slide all over the place while my housemates wandered around effortlessly on the icy pavement. I distinctly remember one of  my housemates taking absolute pride in the fact that he knew how to walk on the snow because of his time as a skiing instructor. He used to skid past me while I struggled to keep my head up.

Unnecessary chaos

And while missing a day or two of work is fantastic, I can’t help but admit that I think were all treating the situation like complete children.
I mean it’s just a bit of snow! How do other countries, who have copious amounts of snow per year cope so well when we end up having to deal with unnecessarily extensive problems.

From past experience, we should know by now that we are going to have more snow than we have had in the past.

Those days of praying for a white christmas are gone and we are having to deal with leading our day-to-day lives in the freezing conditions.

I mean surely it’s going to get worse, what more will we be subjected to? A complete lock down? no travel? no shops? nothing to do but sit inside by a roaring fire with a hot mug of cocoa and the latest rom-com? and while that does sound like an ideal day (and I’m not going to complain if a few of my winter days end up this way,) I don’t think it’s really good enough to be subjected to flakey travel facilities and dangerous pavements and roads.

Theres just so much a can take of walking like a complete retard on the snow before I will have to think twice about venturing out of my house at all. And that’s not really what I want.

So I’m hoping that, in time, hopefully sooner or later, we get our act together and sort out this ridiculous stand still that comes with “adverse weather conditions”.

And for those people who can do something about cancelled transport and treacherous roads, please do something soon. You know how, from past years, what our climate is now like, we were predicted a cold and snowy winter months ago, so why not make a difference and make sure a bit of cold weather doesn’t completely ruin our lives. because we appear to be completely unable to cope with the conditions? Surely it can’t take much to send out a gritter or some sort of plough in the morning and afternoon/night? perhaps give all those unemployed something to do?

But it’s almost the 3rd year in a row that we have had snowy weather, and we knew we would once again be subjected to such severity so why do we still have to put up with authorities who are unable to cope and keep things running. There are plenty of other countries around the world who cope perfectly well with severe weather conditions, why does Britain have to slow down?

Why should we have to stay at home and be restricted from getting around because of a slight change in the weather, something which we knew would happen? It just seems ridiculous.

For me, it’s been 2 days now, and with more snow yet to come, I hate to think what will happen when that arrives, I hope I’m not expected to hibernate for the next
three months!

About Daisy Bambridge

I am a student at Wesminster University studying a Masters in Broadcast Journalism. I recently graduated from Southampton University after studying Politics and International Relations. I have a strong interest in social issues such as crime,drugs, alcohol, eating disorders. I am also deeply fascinated by terrorism, after the disasters of 9/11, as can be seen in my unergraduate dissertation on anti-terror legislation and human rights.
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