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Lost Holidays

Why do ghosts and ghouls and fake blood define Halloween? I bet if I were to ask anyone why we celebrate Halloween, that few would really know the meaning and reason for Halloween.  Origins I, myself, wasnt entirely sure until … Continue reading

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New customer service centre for Guildford

A Surrey council has agreed the to consider a new customer service centre which will be quicker and more efficient. A decision made by Guildford Council’s Executive made sure that the new centre is looking likely by 2011. Set to … Continue reading

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Tackling discrimination

 So yesterday Kevin Coleman from Kick it Out came to talk to us in a kind of mock press conference. I had never heard of the campaign before but he explained how it trains football referees and clubs from the … Continue reading

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Football campaign kicks out against discrimination

International campaign is starting from the grassroots to fight against racism as well as homophobia in football. In the past racism was ethnically based but now homophobic behaviour has also become an increasing taboo and overt problem within the sport. … Continue reading

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Charitable Music

Yesterday I went to have a look at one of Oxfam‘s up and coming fundraising events, Oxjam. The main concept is that of a music festival held by local people, venues, and musicians. The slogan is “Local music: global impact“. … Continue reading

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"Local music; global impact"

Local musicians have taken to the streets in a new initiative to raise money for global charity Oxfam. Surrey residents took to Guildford High Street to watch Surrey musicians take part in the UK’s biggest music festival, Oxjam.   With a target … Continue reading

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Networking vs Notworking

Earlier this week I had my first experience of “networking”. As butterflies filed my stomach, we walked up the stairs of the Frontline bar in Paddington, a renowned place for journalists to come together to meet each other and get … Continue reading

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